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5 Ways to Coast-omize Valentine’s Day

Even though it’s supposed to be a holiday that celebrates love, there’s something almost every couple dreads about Valentine’s Day – the gifts. What’s appropriate? Do I need to get flowers? Chocolate? A card? Almost everything feels cliché. But what about something more personal? And unique? A customized coaster can be the thin, sustainable cardboard… Read More

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Coast a Message Kicks Off Beer Season In Cape Girardeau

Coast a Message kicks off October’s beer festival celebrations as a special sponsor of The Community Counseling Center Foundation Board’s Fifth Annual Cape Girardeau Craft Beer Festival. The community will be able to sample over 100 beers at the Fifth Annual Cape Girardeau Craft Beer Festival located at the First State Community Bank Pavilion in… Read More

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What You Need at Your Football Party

We at Coast a Message appreciate a good party. After all, what better way to get use out of those custom coasters with a big blow-out, right? Well, it’s that time of year again when it’s time to shine! When Pre-Monday turns back into Sundays, and these afternoons are reserved for cooking out and face-painting…. Read More

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Coasters and Great Hospitality

So, you’re taking a poke around our website and are interested in making a custom coaster? Chances are, you wanted to trade in those boring coasters for something fun and unique. Well you’re on the right path by clicking here! At Coast a Message, our life is devoted to coming up with new ideas that… Read More

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