Keep Your Coasters Looking Fresh


We search on your behalf to find a good match.

The Coaster Sharing Program is designed to help beverage vendors lower the cost of their coasters and help local businesses and events within the community. Coast a Message acts as a broker to find a partner message on your coasters. We strive to find G-rated messaging that you can approve.


You approve the partner message or make your own connection.

The beverage vendor always gets half the coaster! We believe that it is important for the business and the partner message to be a good fit. When we don’t have a partner message we place creative customized content that you can help choose with a small tag that lets people know the medium is available for purchase.


Your price is reduced once the connection is made!

With the Coaster Sharing program there is a shared and unshared price. Click the Request More Information button below and fill out the form.

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